The K-WAT Drum Co. Mission

Create wood and metal snare drums that sound great, look great, and are the “go to” snare drum for every drummer and audio engineer alike.

What sets K-WAT apart from all the rest? 

K-WAT snare drums have a distinctive sonic quality that comes from a customized build with both the drummer and listener in mind.  Each drum delivers a very practical utilitarian function while still remaining the center of attention in look, feel and sound. 

It’s great news that there are a lot of options in today’s market, but not every snare drum is created equal. Not all work on every gig, nor fit in every budget. I create snare drums that 

I truly believe snare drums make or break the overall drum sound; not unlike the role a lead singer plays in the band. That snare drum needs to have its own musical voice, work well within the kit and sound great.  As drummers, we get excited when our kit comes together like that. When the snare sounds and feels great, we’re freed up to play!  And if you ask any engineer how they feel about their drum sounds…they’ll say “it’s a make or break scenario for sure”! 

It’s from these perspectives that K-WAT Drum Co snares were born; to create an exceptional snare drum that makes sense. Period!

Each drum is a reflection of my own musical journey. 

There have been a lot of years of playing and engineering. Many lessons learned, mistakes made, and blessings heaped on me time and time again. I guess it’s a long story, but one that has no ending yet. Every K-WAT drum tells a piece of my story; it is a legacy to my journey and a reflection of who I am today.  I am passionate about designing and building these drums!  I get excited when I hit one for the first time. And I believe you will get excited too. Your experience as a drummer is what I value, and is also what drives me toward each new drum created. Let K-WAT Drum Co. become a part of your journey and provide the support you deserve along the way.